Life doesn’t stop because it’s Christmas.

 When the festivities commence, emergencies can and do still happen. That’s where we come in. Our St John Ambulance Cymru staff and volunteers work tirelessly 365 days a year to help provide a lifeline at the heart of Welsh communities. Over the fesgive season:

Our patient transport crews will be driving people to and from hospital or helping them make journeys across the country when traditional transport isn’t an option, so they can be with the ones they love this Christmas.

Our volunteer community first responders will be on call in their local area, to attend 999 calls as the first on the scene. Helping give people emergency first aid in the minutes that count whilst waiting for an ambulance to arrive. 

Our falls assistants will be on hand to help when they need it most, treating people who have fallen at home. We help reduce response waiting times for them and prevent unnecessary admissions to hospitals, whist taking pressure off our ambulance service. 

There will also be people who we have trained in first aid, who may well be needed over this festive period, to help family, friends, neighbours or colleagues in their time of need. Daniel was able to help his daughter, thanks to his first aid knowledge and fast action.

Without your support our vital work wouldn’t be able to continue and our communities would lack these kinds of services and support which are so important. It really could be a matter of life and death.

Donate this Christmas and help us continue to save lives and teach others to do the same. 

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