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Last year, Cassie's world was turned upside down when her little boy, Charlie, was hit by a car. At the young age of 6, her precious child's life hung in the balance.

My training meant that I had the skills to give first aid, the confidence to assess the situation and ultimately save my son’s life. I will never be able to thank my trainers and fellow volunteers enough because together, they gave me a confidence I didn’t have before, an enthusiasm and passion for learning and an overwhelming desire to help others in their time of need.

Thanks to her training as a St. John Ambulance Cymru volunteer, her first aid skills were a lifeline. With quick-thinking and remarkable courage, Cassie stabilised her son's condition, providing crucial care until the medical team arrived.

Cassie was assisted by her 15-year-old daughter and her friend. Both Cadets with St John Ambulance Cymru, the girls used the skills they had learnt to bravely help Cassie deliver the first aid Charlie needed. Together, their unwavering determination and the invaluable knowledge they had gained through volunteer training were the reasons Charlie survived that life-threatening accident.


Your donation will enable us to provide critical first aid training, equipment and support to volunteers like Cassie, as well as support our programmes for young people, equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed to save lives. Thank you.


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