Our Safeguarding Principles

St John Ambulance Cymru take protecting people and safeguarding extremely seriously. It’s a fundamental part of everything we do and of operating as a charity for the public benefit.

We take our duty of care seriously, and as part of fulfilling that duty we always take reasonable steps to protect people who come into contact with the charity, in any way, from harm. In order to ensure we achieve this, we have a robust policy and procedures in place.

As part of our recruitment process, all staff and volunteers within the organisation have references taken up. Those who’s roles are eligible under the government guidelines for a DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check are required to undergo one.

Here at St John Ambulance Cymru, we believe safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility and safeguarding training is a compulsory element of our volunteers’ induction and ongoing development.

Everyone who works for the organisation must attend safeguarding training and all staff and volunteers must adhere to our safeguarding policies and procedures.

St John Ambulance Cymru will take action against anyone not following these principles.

We provide training in best practice and take any measures required to strengthen and improve our existing practices. Form monitoring and auditing our volunteer divisions and making sure they are working in line with current practice, to paying announced and unannounced visits to ensure they are working appropriately.

St John Ambulance Cymru seek to provide an environment where all of our volunteers and staff, including our youth leaders, adult first aiders, young people, or children, can work safely together and for our communities across Wales. We comply fully with the All Wales Social Services and Wellbeing Act and have designated safeguarding officers throughout Wales that are trained and act as direct contacts for our members in any situation in addition to an on-call helpline.

Keeping everyone safe is always of paramount importance to us.

If you have a safeguarding concern you would like to report, or require any assistance in this area, please contact us and select 'Safeguarding' as the reason for your enquiry. This will be delivered directly to our National Safeguarding Manager.

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