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First Aid Resources - Advice, Courses & Emergency Support

As the first aid charity for Wales, we are always there, just in case. St John Ambulance Cymru provides vital first aid treatments, training, and transport across Wales. Whether you're looking for first aid advice, medical cover at your event, or to learn more on a course, you've come to the right place!

First aid advice

Would you know what to do in an emergency? We have an extensive list of free online first aid advice covering some of the most commonly faced healthcare emergencies that members of the public may come across. We offer specialised first aid advice for adults as well as for infants and children. You can download our advice for free so you can always carry it with you. 

We’ve put our advice into simple steps, but always remember in an emergency to call 999, or if you need further professional advice in Wales you can contact NHS 111 Wales. 

Covid-19 has not gone away, and you may wish to refresh yourself about the virus as it continues to change and adapt. We have a page dedicated to Covid advice and how to stay safe against the illness. 

Learn first aid with us

If you’d like to learn how to deliver first aid confidently, then you can attend one of our courses.

We offer a full suite of commercial training courses to help businesses become compliant with relevant legislation. Our first aid training courses meet all legal requirements and receive a valuable qualification valid for 3 years. Our HSE-recognised courses cover first aid at work, health and safety, mental health training and more. Please note that we can also come to your place of work if there are six or more employees that need training.

We also offer free first aid courses for community groups and young people. We are also pleased to provide a number of free online first aid courses which make it even easier to learn first aid that can save a life. 

You’ll be training with a brand you can trust. And if you’re a customer on one of our paid courses you will also be giving back to your community. Every penny of profit we make from our commercial training courses goes back into our charitable work; providing community and schools first aid training, emergency blue light response, and running youth programmes where children and young people can be taught the skills they need to save a life. 

First aid cover and ambulance support

If you’re looking for medical cover at your event we can provide volunteers for events large to small. It doesn’t matter if you’re planning a small school fete or hiring out Principality Stadium, we can cater for any event in any location across Wales. With the ability to tailor our medical cover specifically to your event, our experienced staff and volunteers can ensure your cover meets both your requirements and national recommendations and standards. Our volunteers are trained in advanced first aid, ambulance and lifesaving skills and attend thousands of events each year, providing essential support on location, en route to hospital or until the emergency services arrive.

We also offer a number of other services such as patient transport and falls response.

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We also have this handy digital first aid guide that you can print off and put on your wall or even fold and keep in your pocket!


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