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IOSH Managing Safely

About our IOSH Managing Safely course

As an employer you are responsible for the health and safety of your staff. It is up to you as a manager to provide a safe working environment.

Our IOSH Managing Safely course lasts 3 days and is suitable for managers and supervisors. It provides them with the knowledge and skills they need to manage health and safety requirements within their teams and departments. Our IOSH Managing Safely course content provides an introduction to workplace health and safety, no matter the industry.

The IOSH Managing Safely course is an internationally-recognised qualification. It evidences you are can ensure that the employees you are responsible for stay safe whilst they are in the workplace. You will receive a Managing Safely certificate upon successful completion.

Our St John Ambulance Cymru course stresses why health and safety is an essential part of the role as a manager. We also go into detail about your legal responsibilities and other additional information that would be vital for anyone in a manegerial position. 

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iosh managing safely course who is it for

Who is it for?

This course is suitable for managers and supervisors within all sectors. It is especially useful for Middle Managers, Line Managers, Team Leaders and Supervisors.

iosh managing safely course how is it assessed

How is it assessed?

Delegates are continually assessed by our highly experienced St John Ambulance Cymru trainer. There is also project work and a final assessment.

iosh managing safely course certificate


On successful completion of the assessment the delegate will receive an IOSH managing safely certificate. This certification is approved by the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health.

When it comes to IOSH Managing Safely, St John Ambulance Cymru is the leading training provider in Wales. In the UK, St John Ambulance is one of the voluntary aid societies (VAS) who are recognised by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) as standard setters for first aid training in accordance with the Health and Safety (First Aid) regulations 1981. We don't require external accreditation through an Awarding Organisation.

The acronym IOSH stands for the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health. It is a professional body based in the UK that promotes and regulates standards of health and safety in the workplace. It is also known as the world’s chartered body for safety and health professionals. Our IOSH Managing Safely qualification is accredited and approved by the institute. It is an important qualification when it comes to project management as safety considerations are crucial during the planning and execution phases. Project managers need to ensure that safety measures are implemented and that the relevant safety protocols are followed. From a business analysis perspective, it is also an important qualification as it equips professionals to integrate health and safety considerations seamlessly into organizational processes, ensuring that recommendations for improvement align with safety standards and contribute to a workplace environment that prioritizes employee well-being.

IOSH Managing Safely is a Level 2 qualification, which makes it equivalent to a GCSE. It's an entry-level health and safety course aimed at those who have workplace H&S responsibilities. It is particularly well-suited for individuals at the introductory stage of their careers, especially those in roles with health and safety responsibilities. The course delves into foundational principles, providing a practical understanding of risk assessment, hazard control, and legal compliance. The Level 2 classification signifies a basic yet comprehensive grasp of H&S concepts, making it accessible for a wide range of professionals across different industries. This qualification not only serves as an excellent starting point for individuals in entry-level positions but also lays a solid foundation for continuous professional development in the field of H&S.

There are two components you need to pass in order to obtain the IOSH Managing Safely certificate. First, there is a multiple choice test, which you will need to score at least 36/60 to pass. There is also a risk assessment practical, which requires a minimum score of 23 out of 38. St John Ambulance Cymru's expert-trained staff are industry leaders in providing IOSH Managing Safely training. There's no need to worry about passing or failing the test. We will provide you all the necessary information, guidance and support to help you reach the requirements to obtain this qualification.

The IOSH Managing Safely course aims to equip participants with a comprehensive understanding of essential occupational safety principles applicable in a workplace setting. Upon completion of the IOSH training, participants are expected to have developed a heightened awareness of their role in promoting a safe work environment. Learning outcomes include the ability to identify and assess workplace hazards, implement effective risk control measures, and understand the importance of legal compliance.

Certificates obtained by this or any other iosh course do not expire. However, after 3 years you may want to consider taking a Managing Safely refresher course. This will ensure your occupational health and safety awareness remains up to date. It will also show you are serious about maintaining a positive safety awareness culture at work.

We offer several IOSH training courses that are available across Wales. For instance we teach the IOSH Working Safely course, which is suitable for all employees regardless of industry or job level. This one day basic health & safety training course helps learners grasp the basics of their health and safety duties. The course explains how both individual and group efforts play a role in maintaining a safe workplace. Successful delegates will receive an IOSH certificate after the pass the course.

The course course addresses current health and safety regulations and standards by providing participants with a thorough understanding of the legal framework governing workplace safety. It covers key aspects such as risk assessment, hazard identification, and compliance measures, ensuring that individuals are well-equipped to navigate and implement safety practices in accordance with the latest industry standards.

We train delegates in the IOSH Managing Safely course across Wales. Use our course finder tool below to find course dates near you or get in touch with us by phone or email to inquire with one of our Commercial Training agents.

Absolutely. In fact, it isn't just limited to this iosh course. For all our training courses if you have six or more employees that are interested in taking the training then one of our expert trainers will come to your business to deliver it. We can also offer bespoke training options unique to your business needs. Get in touch today for a quote a further details.

What is covered on our IOSH Managing Safely course?

Introducing managing safely

Risk Assessment

Controlling risks

Understanding your responsibilities

Indentifying hazards

Investigating accidents and incidents

Measuring performance

Protecting our environment

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