We provide first aid and ambulance cover for a variety of small to large-scale events across Wales each year.

With the ability to tailor our medical cover specifically to your event, our experienced staff and volunteers can ensure your cover meets both your requirements and national recommendations and standards.

We provide:

  • Expert Event Planning & Resource Assessment
  • Expert Advice on Health & Safety Requirements
  • Fully qualified volunteers and staff
  • Modern Equipment
  • Quality Assurance
  • We can offer an array of resources at events, from front-line ambulances to off road 4x4’s, cycle responders to mobile treatment centres and paramedics to nurses.

Our fleet includes:

  • Frontline Ambulances
  • Rapid Response Vehicles
  • Off-Road 4x4 Vehicles
  • Cycle Responders
  • Motorbikes
  • Command and Control Units
  • Mobile Treatment Centres

Our volunteers are trained in advanced first aid, ambulance and lifesaving skills and attend thousands of events each year, providing essential support on location, en route to hospital or until the emergency services arrive.

They have been present at some of Wales’ biggest venues and events for over 100 years and can be there for you.

We can offer people to help at your event with the following skill levels:

  • First aiders (varying levels)
  • Ambulance crews
  • HCPC registered paramedics
  • GMC registered doctors
  • NMC registered nurses

And, with over 100 local divisions located all across Wales, there is always a St John Ambulance Cymru team local to your event.

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Frequently asked questions

Do I need medical cover?

As an event organiser, you are responsible for your workers, contractors and members of the public at your events.

We are committed to providing the best service and know exactly what obligations an event organiser needs to meet!

Below are some links that you may find useful from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

These guidelines can help you and your company/organisation to run events safely.

How do I arrange medical cover?

For advice and to enquire about us providing medical cover at your event, please complete the online enquiry form.

How will I know how much it will cost?

Upon completion of the online enquiry form your enquiry will be forwarded to our events team for your local area. You may be asked to provide additional information about your event and from there a resource assessment will be carried out and a quotation provided.

Looking for other ways to get involved?

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