Ferryside lifeboat volunteers advocate for water safety over Bank Holiday weekend

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In the run up to Bank Holiday weekend, our first aid volunteers from Ferryside are appealing for people to be vigilant when spending time near water.

Across the Covid-19 pandemic, the essential service the team has provided on the water has continued to keep people safe, but with more people travelling to the coast this weekend we're urging people to take care.

“Our crews have been on call across the pandemic to support the local community responding to emergency calls on the water.

We’re asking people to keep themselves safe and to be sensible and vigilant when it comes to spending time near the water.

Safety is our number one priority and with Covid-19 still very much here.

We’re continuing to put extra measures in place to ensure we keep ourselves and those in our care safe.

While we thoroughly enjoy supporting our local community we can all help each other this Bank Holiday by following some simple water safety advice."

St John Ambulance Cymru Ferryside Officer in Charge, Simon Lamble

Top tips to stay safe by the water include:

  • Check tide times and heights and weather forecast People can be trapped by fast incoming tides
  • Tell someone when you’re going into the water So they know where you are
  • Don’t use inflatables They can quickly drift out to sea
  • Prevent drowning Always be safe in and around water
  • Recognise distress Ask someone to call for help
  • Provide flotation This can prevent submersion
  • Remove from water Do this only if it is safe to do so
  • Provide care as needed Seek medical attention and treat as necessary
  • Avoid putting yourself in danger always call for help
  • If you are a trained rescuer and it is safe to do so, start rescue breaths while removing the casualty from the wate
  • Special consideration should be taken due to Covid-19
  • Call 999/112 for emergency help even if a casualty appears to recover immediately after rescue

Our Ferryside volunteers have continued responding to life threatening calls throughout lockdown and response has been adapted ensuring guidance from Welsh Government and partner agencies is strictly adhered to.

See the latest from St John Ambulance Cymru Ferryside.

More first aid advice available here.


Published August 27th 2020

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