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Each year around 8,000 people in Wales experience a sudden cardiac arrest. Survival rates of cardiac arrests outside out of hospital are less than 10% in Wales, but if more people knew what to do, and had access to the right equipment, more lives could be saved.*

We’re asking you to help us change this by getting 'Hands on for Hearts' as part of our newest fundraising initiative. The money you raise for St John Cymru could help us provide more lifesaving treatment and training in local communities across Wales and give first aiders the tools and equipment they need when attending an emergency. 

This includes defibrillators, which when used, could increase someone’s chance of surviving a cardiac arrest up to 70%.

Despite their use becoming more prevalent within the wider community, it is still not compulsory for businesses and public spaces to equip their buildings with one of these potentially lifesaving devices.**

When your organisation supports us and raises £1,350 or more you will receive an automated external defibrillator (AED), which could be used to save a life in your building or community.

"By getting Hands on for Hearts you’re raising awareness and funds for life saving equipment and training that can help in an emergency like a cardiac arrest. We’ve got lots of fundraising materials ready and stacks of idea’s for those who want to support us.

More than 4,000 cardiac arrests happen out of hospital every year, so you never know when you might come across a situation where action needs to be taken to help save a family member, friend, colleague, neighbour or stranger.

Just £1,000, could help provide our volunteers with a defibrillator to use when they are called to a cardiac arrest, or could place one in a St John Cymru site which would be available to the community around us.”

St John Cymru Appeal Manager, Samantha Coles  


You can get involved or find more information on how you can get 'Hands on for Hearts' by clicking here.


* Welsh Ambulance Service
**Health and Safety Executive (HSE) -

Published March 21st 2019

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