Over 9,000 more potential lifesavers in Wales thanks to our work

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An appeal to train over 6,500 potential lifesavers in Wales saw an increase of over 28% this September as 9,306 people were trained in lifesaving first aid in just one month.

Each year we run ‘Save a Life September’ which offers communities across Wales the opportunity to learn first aid, for free.

The campaign, which traditionally aims to train 5,000 people, increased its target to 6,500 due to the success of last year.

But, due to unprecedented response, the charity trained over 9,000 people this year, meaning hundreds more lives could be saved.

The free two-hour sessions run by volunteers across Wales covered the following scenarios:

  • how to perform CPR
  • what to do if someone is choking
  • how to treat bleeding
  • how to put someone in the recovery position

Sessions also aim to give people the confidence they need to step in and help in a life-threatening situation.

“We’re absolutely delighted that more than 9,000 people in Wales are now equipped with the lifesaving skills needed to potentially save a life.

We’d like to take this time to thank the Welsh public for supporting Save a Life September and for recognising the importance of first aid skills and the difference they could make in an emergency,”

St John Cymru Director of Training, Jon Phillips

2019 marks the sixth year the charity has run the campaign with the number of people taught first aid increasing every year for the past three years.

Our vision is to have a first aider in every home in Wales.

For more information about us our charitable work and to learn more about first aid in your area click here or call 0345 678 5646.


Published October 15th 2019

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