Leading first aid charity to make awareness of mental health more accessible with new three-hour training course

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With 754 people from businesses across Wales now fully trained to help support their workplace with mental health care thanks to St John Cymru, we're launching a new, shorter, Mental Health Awareness course providing workplaces and individuals across Wales with useful tools to help better understand workplace well-being.

The three-hour awareness course has been specifically designed by Training in Mind for St John Cymru and covers a wide range of topics including; triggers to poor mental health, signs and symptoms of conditions such as depression, anxiety, stress, stigma and attitudes, suicide, as well as advice on how to stay mentally healthy, giving participants an overall awareness of mental health.

Running alongside the established two-day Mental Health First Aid course, Mental Health Awareness will be delivered by St John Cymru’s mental health trainers.

 “World Mental Health Day provides people with the opportunity to stop and think about mental health, how to find support or help those who may be struggling with their mental health.

We understand the importance of mental health awareness in the workplace and the effect it can have not only on the person affected but also their team.

With three in five employees having had mental health issues at work and more and more people now having the confidence to come forward to their employer about their mental health, we believe its important businesses and individuals are fully equipped to support others when they need it,” 

St John Cymru Business Manager, Debbie Rees

The Mental Health Awareness training is aiming to increase the availability of support to those affected by mental illness and to increase awareness as well as helping to alleviate the stigma of mental health in the workplace.

The course ‘Mental Health Awareness’ will be available to those over the age of 18 with classes accommodating up to 14 people.

Courses will be able to book from the end of November 2019.

More information about topics the course will cover is available here or contact the St John Cymru training team by e-mail.

For tips on how you can look after your mental health at work click here


Published October 10th 2019

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