Statement from Chief Executive Officer Helen Smith


A statement from our Chief Executive Officer, Helen Smith, in response to the Minister for Education in Wales' announcement on lifesaving skills to become a mandatory part of the education curriculum in Wales.

“We’re grateful to the Minister of Education for her commitment in ensuring young people in Wales will receive necessary training to perform lifesaving first aid.


At St John Ambulance Cymru, our mission is to enhance the health of wellbeing of communities in Wales and empowering our young people with the skills and confidence to step in and give first aid plays a huge role in this. Since 2019, we have delivered training in schools across Wales to over 20,000 children and young people and we have big plans and hopes for this number to increase.


Now, thanks to Welsh Government and the Minister’s support, schools across Wales are required to teach ‘life-saving skills’ as part of the curriculum. This is a massive, positive step towards safeguarding the future generation of Wales and will significantly help towards saving more lives.“

St John Ambulance Cymru, Chief Executive Officer, Helen Smith

Published March 4th 2021

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