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This month, St John Ambulance Cymru are highlighting the difference a gift in your will can make to the charity. Your will is so important, it ensures that your money and belongings go to the people and the causes you care about. St John Ambulance Cymru want the people of Wales to know that remembering the charity in your will means leaving a lifesaving legacy behind you.

St John Ambulance Cymru have partnered with two will writing organisations; Guardian Angel and National Free Wills Network to make this process easier. If you would prefer to write or amend your will from the comfort of your own home, then Guardian Angel allows you to do so online. Or if writing your will in person with your nearest trusted solicitor is your preference, then National Free Wills Network is the perfect option.

Gwen’s father, Ted, left St John Ambulance Cymru a gift in his will. Gwen explains;

“My father Edward (Ted) was a proud member of St John for over 45 years. His service gave him a purpose, skills and lifelong friendships.”

“First aid is a skill for life and he was determined to leave something in his will to help continue the good work of St John Ambulance Cymru.”

Donations like Ted’s support the charity’s free first aid demonstrations in schools and community groups, vital first aid cover at events and educational youth programmes for young people aged 5-17 across Wales. Legacy funds help the charity make communities a safer place for all, by creating more potential lifesavers on the streets of Wales.

When Craig had a heart attack at the Red Arrow Show in Swansea earlier this year, St John Ambulance Cymru volunteers delivered lifesaving first aid care. Due to the quick intervention of volunteers, including their prompt diagnosis, transport to hospital and communication with NHS staff, Craig received the care he needed.

If it was not for the team effort, knowledge, technology, training and professionalism of St John Ambulance Cymru, who knows where I would be now” Craig said.

St John Ambulance Cymru are hoping that the people of Wales consider them in their will, so they can continue to train more lifesaving volunteers like those who treated Craig.

If you’d like to find out more information about St John Ambulance Cymru’s partnership with Guardian Angel and National Free Wills Network throughout October, please visit

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Craig and his son.

Published October 2nd 2023

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