The Amalfi Challenge

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Are you aged 16 to 25?

Do you want to challenge yourself?

Then the Amalfi Challenge may be for you!

This independent challenge will help you develop new skills and experiences, but it will also support you to build on current interests. It will also look great on your CV.  If you would like to get involved please email

The amalfi challenge consists of three levels for you to work towards – Blue/Stage 1, Red/Stage 2, and Gold/Amalfi Award.  Each stage is split into four arms, you will need to participate in each arm to complete a stage.

The sections:

Service: Providing service within the organisation and to the community.

Society: Encouraging individuals to explore issues relating to society and life.

Relationships: Informing individuals on the importance and variety of relationships.

Challenge: Encouraging individuals to pursue a challenge or achieve an aim or goal.

Completing The Amalfi Challenge

The aim of the Challenge is for you to set your own targets and complete these in your own time.  You will assign an individual to be your Mentor, this person will support you through your Challenge. Register online at to become a Cadet or adult volunteer to complete the Amalfi Challenge with us.

If you're interested in doing The Amalfi Challenge speak to you Cadet Officer, DOiC or email

Published May 18th 2022

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