The Sovereign Award

Five St John Ambulance Cymru Volunteers outside one of our ambulances

Have you exceeded your responsibilities as a young person?

Have you made a difference to your community?

Are you aged 16 to 25?

The aim of the Sovereign Award is to encourage young people to increase their personal achievement and sense of community in the work of St John Ambulance Cymru and to encourage their initiative and broaden their experience.  Only 10 awards are issued each year internationally with the certificate personally signed by Her Majesty the Queen, Sovereign Head of the Order of St John.  If you would like to learn more please email

Simply put the Sovereign Award is a collection of evidence documenting the following;

  • The participants personal development achieved with St John Ambulance Cymru
  • The participants benefit to St John Ambulance Cymru
  • The participants benefit to their local community.
Criteria for the Award

The award is open to members of St John Ambulance Cymru who have gained the following;

  • Grand Prior or Amalfi Award
  • Basic First Aider (Minimum)
  • Efficiency (Cadet or Adult)
  • Service Shield (25 service hours) 

The Sovereign Award should document the journey the participant has taken with St John Ambulance Cymru and can be presented in a way that is appropriate for the participant.  The submission should evidence a minimum of 25 hours work.

If you're interested in learning more please email

Published May 18th 2022

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