Working with children and young people

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We have lots of opportunities for volunteering with our children and young people. You don’t need specific first aid skills or knowledge, just a passion to support children and young people to realise their full potential.


Badger Helper or Cadet Helper – As a helper you will support the main leader and support the group. This will involve helping to set up and clear up the room, helping with drinks and snacks, helping to support our more vulnerable or disadvantaged children to participate fully within group activities and generally encouraging individuals within the group to join in.

This role suits parents and grandparents of our members, young people aged 18+ looking to become more involved in their communities, and/ or those looking for a career change or taster into the world of children and young people’s work. This role requires little more than one hour a week of your time.

Deputy Badger Officer or Deputy Cadet Officer – The deputy role takes a more hands-on approach to volunteering with children and young people. We will support you to develop your skills in helping to develop the activities we run and to develop your own facilitation skills. Deputies may cover absences of Officers. Deputies may provide some mentoring of helpers. This role will require some first aid knowledge, but full training will be provided.

This role suits those who are looking to develop further skills in working with children and young people, those looking to advance their careers within the sector, and/ or those looking to make a really significant contribution to their communities. This role may require 2-3 hours a week of your time.

Badger Sett Officers or Cadet Officers – Officers take responsibility for the delivery of the programmes. We provide the programme frameworks, but Officers ensure the programme delivery. Officers handle the recruitment and induction of new young members, arrange for badges and achievements to be awarded and report into the county managers. This role requires more developed first aid knowledge, training will be given.

This role is suitable for those who have advanced skills in working with children and young people or are looking to become advanced practitioners. This role also suits those who have developed as a deputy and are looking for a greater challenge or more responsibility. This role may require 2-5 hours a week of your time.

County Children and Young People’s Managers or Deputy Managers – Managers and Deputy Managers cover a geographical area the size of a health board. They are responsible for recruiting, supporting and developing Officers, reporting into the national team, problem solving and assessing your groups within the area.

This role suits those looking to develop management skills of children and young people’s services and is a great career opportunity. Alternatively you may already be in management and looking to diversify into children and young people management as a specialism. This role may require 30 hours a month or more, depending upon the geographical area. This role requires you to be a car driver and have access to a vehicle.

As you can imagine, Helper vacancies are frequent and we can typically welcome more helpers than we need as a minimum.

Deputy Officer and Officer roles are typically one per local group (division).

Deputy Manager and Manager roles are one (or sometimes two deputies) per geographical area.

If you are interested in volunteering with children and young people please contact us for an informal chat.

Published May 18th 2022

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