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Food Safety Level 2 Course

About our Food Safety Level 2 course

Our St John Ambulance Cymru 1-day food safety level 2 course embeds the importance of food safety and ensures that staff that handle food maintain the highest level of cleanliness and safety. Ensure that you and your staff have the necessary food safety and hygiene knowledge to handle food safely.

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food safety level 2 course who is it for

Who is it for?

Our food hygiene course is the minimum requirement for anyone responsible for the preparation and serving of food. This will be everyone involved in the catering, manufacturing or retail environments where food is prepared, cooked, and served. All candidates attending the Level 2 Food Safety course must bring with them photographic ID.

food safety level 2 course how is it assessed

How is it assessed?

Our course is the minimum requirement for anyone responsible for the preparation and serving of food. All candidates attending the Level 2 Food Safety training must bring with them photographic ID.

food safety level 2 course certificate


Successful candidates that complete the level 2 food safety course will receive a Royal Society for Promotion of Health (RSPH) food safety certificate.

When it comes to selecting a food safety level 2 course, St John Ambulance Cymru is the leading training provider in Wales. In the UK, St John Ambulance is one of the voluntary aid societies (VAS) who are recognised by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) as standard setters for first aid training in accordance with the Health and Safety (First Aid) regulations 1981. We don't require external accreditation through an Awarding Organisation.

It is a legal requirement that food handlers within any business are trained to maintain a hygienic work environment where food is stored, prepared, handled and served. It should come as no surprise that food safety legislation states that food hygiene training is vital for anyone involved in the food industry. If food hygiene and safety are routinely ignored by a food handler, then this can lead to the growth and spread of germs and bacteria which can make people sick or unwell. Poor storage can also lead to cross contamination. This can have an extremely negative impact on a food business and could even cause it to close. this could happen if a customer eats food from your establishment and gets food poisoning for example or develops a foodborne illness. They may tell others or leave a negative review, people may avoid using your business in the future. Not just this, but the Food Standards Agency scores catering businesses on Food hygiene ratings, which are public knowledge. If you score low, customers will likely stay away. That's why it makes good business sense to ensure your staff are fully knowledgeable about food safety and food hygiene so that your business remains compliant. Our food safety level 2 course is an excellent way to facilitate this important skillset.

The difference between level a 1 food safety and level 2 food safety certificate is primarily that level 1 is focused solely on a low risk environment where employees are only handling food that has already been wrapped. A level 2 food safety or food hygiene course meanwhile is geared towards environments where food is is prepared, cooked, and handled. If you need a level 2 certificate, then you will be looking for information such as how to control food safety risks in order to deliver safe food to customers. This level 2 food hygiene training course is suitable for anyone working with food as mentioned above, but the following professions may find it particularly useful; schools and nurseries; catering businesses; supermarkets and food retail; care homes; manufacturers of food and drink; prisons canteen staff.

HACCP is an acronym which stands for the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point. If you own or run a food business, it is vital that you have such a plan in place Having such a plan ensures that food safe from food safety hazards, whether they be biological, chemical, or physical.

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What is covered on our Food Safety Level 2 course?

Health and Safety implications

Importance of food safety

Hazards to food (physical, chemical, biological)

Food-related illness

Time and temperature control

Personal hygiene techniques

Cleaning and disinfection


Food premises and equipment

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