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The Association of St. John Members Cymru

Founded in 2020, The Association of St. John Members Cymru allows members of St. John Ambulance Cymru to “retire” gracefully from frontline operational commitments but to remain within the St. John Family, providing functional support in other areas/ aspects within the organisation.

The duties include but are not limited to; fundraising, public relations, recruitment and retention, welfare and support at events at either National, County or Divisional Levels, presentations, award ceremonies and VIP events. Members of the association will be proactive within their Regional Association Groups to promote the exceptional work of the Association and the charity as a whole.

Who can join?

Membership is open to anyone over the age of 18 and who has served a minimum of five years of continued service within St. John Ambulance Cymru.

Individuals must be proactive, fully interested and invested in helping to promote and advance The Association to achieve its aims; along with the willingness to abide by the rules of The Association and be willing to pay any subscription agreed by the Trustee Board.

What uniform is required?

The Association of St. John Members Cymru may wear civilian clothes with the designated badge instead of their uniform. If wearing an adult ceremonial uniform, a new honouree rank will be issued to these members & White Gorget Patches. Any members of The Association undertaking public duties must wear the service delivery uniform.

Further information can be found in the Policy of ASJMC which is available to download below.

Please click below to download the documents you require.

ASJMC Member role description

ASJMC Policy

ASJMC Constitution

ASJMC Regional Chairperson role description


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