How to Perform First Aid on Someone with a Cut or Bruise

Cuts and grazes are common injuries that can usually be treated at home. A plaster is generally all that is required, and the wound will heal by itself in a few days.



What to do

Follow the steps below:

Step 1 

Clean the wound by rinsing it under running water or using sterile wipes.

Step 2 

Pat the wound dry using a gauze swab and cover it with a sterile gauze. If you don't have these, use a clean, non-fluffy cloth, like a tea towel. 

Step 3 

For a cut, raise and support the injured part above the level of the heart. Avoiding touching the wound.

Step 4 

Clean around the wound with soap and water. Make sure you are wiping away from the wound, using a clean swab for each stroke. Pat dry. Remove the cloth or gauze covering the wound and apply a sterile dressing or a large plaster.

Step 5 

Seek medical help if:

  • A wound won't stop bleeding.
  • A foreighn object is embedded in the wound - liek a splinter of wood or glass.
  • The wound is from a human or animal bite.
  • You think the wound might be infected.
  • You are unsure whether the casualty has been immunised against tetanus.

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