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Carrie-Ann started volunteering with St John Ambulance Cymru when she was just 11 and has been committed to the charity ever since.

Now aged 35, Carrie-Ann volunteers as a Badger Officer at Holywell Division, as she loves teaching the younger generation important skills, including lifesaving first aid.

This year, Carrie-Ann has been nominated to join the Priory for Wales, an independent Priory of the Order of St John which is a working Order of Chivalry of the British Crown. Members are nominated for demonstrating values of devotion, togetherness, faithfulness, diversity and inclusiveness in their volunteer work. Carrie-Ann will be officially invested into the Order at the official Investiture ceremony, taking place on 15th June in Cardiff this year.

Being invited into the Priory for Wales means a lot to Carrie-Ann, to encourage the children of the future, to promote humanity and charity without distinction of race, class or creed” is something she believes in strongly.

“The Order of St John’s moto pro fide or faith in the service of humanity runs parallel to my strong Christian beliefs, which means I am always prepared to help others no matter what the circumstances, both inside and outside of St John Ambulance Cymru” she explains.

“I love teaching the kids and seeing their smiley faces coming in each week eager to learn” Carrie-Ann explains. For her, volunteering and helping out in her community has helped greatly with her self-esteem. Along with running her Badger groups, she also volunteers at events keeping the public safe by providing first aid.

Carrie-Ann has loved engaging with members of the public at community events, especially when showing children around the ambulance or recruiting new members to her Division.

“I am really pleased to have been nominated to join the Order of St John” Carrie-Ann comments, “I think it shows that everything I do on a weekly basis for our Badgers and Cadets has been recognised and makes me feel that I am doing the right thing by our young members passing on my skills to the children”.

St John Ambulance Cymru runs fun and educational programmes for young people aged 5+, giving them a range of amazing experiences and lifesaving skills. Carrie-Ann has played a huge role in helping to shape and improve the lives of young people in her area, showing a huge commitment to St John Ambulance Cymru and her wider community.

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