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36-year-old Carl Summerfield joined St John Ambulance Cymru in 2014 and has spent the last decade volunteering his time to support his local community in Rhyl.

This year, Carl has been nominated to join the Priory for Wales, an independent Priory of the Order of St John which is a working Order of Chivalry of the British Crown.

Members are nominated for demonstrating values of devotion, togetherness, faithfulness, diversity and inclusiveness in their volunteer work. Carl will be officially invested into the Order at the Investiture ceremony, taking place on 15th June in Cardiff this year.

“I like helping people, so joining St John Ambulance Cymru felt right,” Carl comments. “I enjoy helping my community and working with the other members at my Division.”

Carl believes strongly in helping those in need, no matter who they are.

“If someone has a medical condition or injury, they deserve assistance. I believe that is the right way to see the world,” he says.


“Volunteering with St John Ambulance Cymru has helped me be more confident with my first aid skills and knowledge. It’s also enabled me to help out in the community, which I’ve really enjoyed.”

Carl recalls the first event he ever attended as a volunteer, the Madness Tour in Rhyl Events Arena: “I quickly realised I was in the right place for me and I have never looked back with regret.”

Carl is looking forward to being officially invested into the Order: “It’s an honour to me,” he says, something he would never have expected when signing up as a volunteer 10 years ago.

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