Give A Lifesaving Gift this Christmas

If someone you know has an accident or starts feeling unwell, being able to respond quickly with basic first aid skills can be invaluable. In some circumstances, it can be the difference between a life lost and a life saved. At St John Ambulance Cymru we have a mission to train as many people as possible with the first aid skills needed to help save a life.

This Christmas please consider giving a lifesaving gift to help ensure many more lifesavers exist in communities across Wales. 

When George noticed an unwell elderly woman on the corner of the road, he showed compassion and used skills learnt volunteering with St John Ambulance Cymru, to help her. George’s mum shared the story:

George is an anxious little boy, and since covid he isn't very confident around people, especially new ones, or with physical contact. So that evening when he saw this lady and asked me to stop the car, it was incredible that he put his hand on her arm and asked her if she was ok. He physically helped her into the car, and without even being asked, once he had helped buckle her seatbelt he went back for her shopping. George was so calm and stepped so far outside of his comfort zone.

That evening, the lady suffered a major heart attack. The doctors said, if she hadn’t been at home surrounded by family that evening, and had suffered a heart attack on the street corner where George saw her, she might not have made it home at all.

St John Ambulance Cymru has been amazing for George and his confidence, and now it’s been a life saver for this lady too.

Your support will help train people like 11-year-old George from Bangor, whose act of kindness helped save an elderly lady’s life.

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