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We want you to get Hands on for Hearts and help us place defibrillators in communities across Wales!

What is Hands on For Hearts?

Getting Hands on for Hearts means you’re raising awareness and funds for life saving equipment and training that can help when someone has a cardiac arrest. If someone has a cardiac arrest, it is possible to shock the heart back into a normal heart rhythm using a defibrillator. A whole host of public locations now have defibrillators available for public use. They are often found on building walls, in the reception of supermarkets, at schools, railway stations, community centres and local town centres - but we want to see more out there!

Why should I get Hands on for Hearts?

Every year around 8,000 people in Wales experience a sudden cardiac arrest. More than half of these happen out of hospital, so you never know when you might come across a situation where action needs to be taken to help save a family member, friend, colleague, neighbour or stranger. If more people know what to do, and have the confidence, and equipment to act in an emergency, no matter where and when it happens, more lives could be saved!

Your donations could mean more defibrillators are available across Wales, our volunteers have the first aid supplies they need to help more people in an emergency and we can train more people in the skills they need to save a life; including how to use a defib.

Just £1,000 could help provide our volunteers with a defibrillator to use when they are called to a cardiac arrest, or could place one in a St John Ambulance Cymru site which would be available to the community around us.

How will St John Ambulance Cymru help?

You’ll get the full support of our fantastic fundraising team – on hand to help you along the way. Once registered you’ll be able to download of Hands on for Hearts fundraising guide and supporting materials which will give you lots of fun-draising ideas, hints, tips and useful information.

Can we get a defibrillator at my organisation?

YES! If your organisation raises at least £1,350 for us you will get a free defibrillator, and a free demonstration and awareness session for your staff by our training team!* If you’re in a hurry for one you can purchase a defibrillator through our supplies department.

You can help your community if your organisation has a defib, by registering your defib with NHS Wales as a Public Access Defibrillator, meaning it goes on a list so people can be made aware if they’re in an emergency where a defib could help.

Sign up to get hands on for hearts

*Please note: If you receive a defib from St John Ambulance Cymru it will need to registered for public use, our training team will come out to give your staff a free demonstration session and teach the basics of when and how to use it. However, we do recommend attending our full 3-hour training course to learn how to care for your defib and advanced user information. You’ll get 10% off the price of this course as a thank you for your support. Your defibrillator pads will also need replacing if used or when they expire (approx. 2 year life span) at around £75 a set.

Looking for other ways to get involved?

Whatever you enjoy doing and however much time you can commit, there’s a volunteer role for you.

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