Jemma's Badger Experience

Jemma joined her local Badger Sett to learn first aid from a young age. This was really important to Jemma and her family, as her mum, Hayley has epilepsy and could need help at any moment.

Jemma learnt vital first aid skills with us which means she can help care for her mum when she has a seizure and in the time after. Hayley shared with us how Jemma can tell almost every time before her seizure starts, and identify that she’s not feeling herself. Thanks to her learning at Badgers, Jemma knows exactly what to do when this happens.

Jemma learnt to lower her mum to the floor, protect her head and move anything that could be a danger. Her first aid training has taught her to monitor breathing and the importance of timing any seizure, knowing when there is a need to call 999. Once the convulsions have stopped Jemma will move Hayley into the recovery position and keep talking to her so she can hear her voice when coming around.

Hayley describes her daughter Jemma, as “an amazing young person”, which is exactly what we think about all of our Badgers and Cadets. Each and every one of them shows dedication and compassion to helping others and their communities.

Jemma’s courage, care and first aid skills are admirable. She’s an amazing young person.


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