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Our values

We believe no one should go without the care and support they need in an emergency and that everyone should get the help they need wherever and whenever they need it. We give people the skills they need to save a life and inspire the next generation of lifesavers.


We are trustworthy, honest, reliable and transparent Trustworthy 

We're honest, reliable, relevant and transparent.


We are compassionate Compassionate

We listen, understand and respond to people's needs; showing kindness, empathy and respect at all times.


We are dedicated Dedicated

We're determined and passionate about our mission to support Welsh communities.


We are professional Professional

We take pride in what we do. We're able, responsive, people-centred and committed to being the best we can be.


We inspire others through our work Inspiring

Through our actions we inspire others, so we lead by example and support people to reach their full potential.


We are an inclusive organisation Inclusive

We value and welcome everyone equally, involving people of all ages and backgrounds in our work.


We are individuals who collaborate together Collaborative

We're individuals committed to working together towards a common goal, continually sharing ideas and building positive relationships.


You can learn more about our vision and mission here.

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Whatever you enjoy doing and however much time you can commit, there’s a volunteer role for you.

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