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Over two thirds of people in Wales lack the confidence to help someone in cardiac arrest* but if more people know what to do, more lives could be saved.

As Wales' leading first aid charity, our vision is for people to get the first aid they need anytime, anywhere and each year we strive to increase people’s confidence to react in an emergency by teaching vital first aid skills which could one day be used to save a life.

We want to help people be the difference between a life lost and a life saved and so Save a Life September is back for another year and we’re giving people in Wales the opportunity to learn vital first aid skills for free as part of our two-hour first aid awareness training sessions.

Our sessions have already given thousands of people the first aid skills they need to save a life, and they cover the following:

How to:

  • Perform CPR
  • Go through the primary survey
  • Help someone who is choking
  • Treat severe bleeding
  • Put someone into the recovery position

Training this year will also be available virtually for the first time and is running alongside our community face-to-face sessions, so the choice is yours.

When you attend you’ll also be awarded a St John Ambulance Cymru certificate to acknowledge your new lifesaving skills!

Get involved by booking your place on a free first aid awareness session here or see how people have used their first aid skills to save lives by reading our lifesaving stories.

*Source - Research conducted on behalf of St John Ambulance Cymru by YouGov (2018)


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