Help will be on hand during Freshers Week in Aberystwyth

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Photo: Aberystwyth Freshers 2019


Help will be on hand throughout Freshers Week in Aberystwyth thanks to our team of dedicated first aid volunteers.

The team from St John Ambulance Cymru are supporting people with minor injuries and are prepared for a busy week as more people are drawn to the town’s night life and start university.

Based in Aberystwyth and across Dyfed County, our skilled teams offer a first point of contact for first aid and welfare support to those in need, at night.

Volunteers are made up of local people as well as second and third year students who volunteer and are trained as part of the university’s ‘Links’ society. 

“Each year, our team of volunteers support the police and other local services by helping to keep people safe not just during freshers week but also at other sporting events including American Football, Digs & BUCS and Aber Rugby 7’s, as well as various other events organised by the university.

Our highly skilled volunteers help ensure we keep as many minor casualties out of hospital as we can so emergency teams can deal with the most critical cases.”

St John Ambulance Cymru, National Operations Officer, Jack Gibbins

Last year the team treated around 60 people during freshers alone, with over 400 more people being given being given first aid treatment across all events during the 2019/2020 academic year.

While things may be different this year due to Covid-19 restrictions, the message to students remains the same.

“We’re reminding students to look out for one another and to take precautions and wherever possible to avoid excess alcohol consumption.

Some of the most effective techniques people can use such as putting an unresponsive person in the recovery position really can save a life.

Most importantly though, the ideal treatment is to try to avoid getting into a situation you need first aid treatment in the first place.”

Aberystwyth Freshers Week takes place 20-27 September 2020.

More first aid advice is available here.

Published September 18th 2020

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