Over 2,000 children and young people, starting from the age of five, learn first aid with us at one of our youth groups. 

We want every child and young person in Wales to have basic first aid skills. Our programmes help teach the skills you need to save a life, give incredible learning experiences and help children learn and grow in all aspects of life.  Thanks to our specialist skills and partnerships at St John Ambulance Cymru, our programmes are also the perfect spring board for our health care professionals of the future and can be a great starting point for young people who want to work in health and social care, such as becoming a paramedic or nurse. 

Our youth programmes are split up into a number of groups:


For children aged 5-10. Our Badgers learn first aid, along with a number of other exciting topics like communication, Cymraeg and science. They gain certificates and badges for subjects completed. 


For young people aged 11-18. Our Cadets learn something we call the Grand Prior programme, which teaches them first aid amongst other vital life skills such as social action and personal development. They put their skills to use by taking part in competitions for our National Youth Awards and helping with medical cover at events with our adult volunteers when they’re old enough.


Our university societies. Many of our Cadets join Links divisions when they leave for university so that they can continue learning first aid and volunteering for us. It’s really easy to join or transfer in if you’re coming from St John Ambulance in England or another part of the world.

Young adults

Our programme for those leaving Cadets and transitioning into our adult volunteer groups which we call divisions. You will get support from our team as you transition from attending one of our youth programmes to being a fully active adult volunteer such as a first aider or youth leader.

Our programmes are taught across Wales at weekly meetings, led by our volunteer youth leaders. 

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Whatever you enjoy doing and however much time you can commit, there’s a volunteer role for you. 

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