Meet our 2019 Badger of the Year!

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We asked our Badger of the Year Amy, to tell us a little more about herself. Amy worked with her mum to write a little more about what inspired her to become a Badger and what she hopes to achieve in the future. Say "hello" to Amy!

My name is Amy Jones, I’m eight years old and I am Badger at St John Cymru Newport. I am very excited because I won the Badger of the Year competition in Wales!

I joined St John Cymru three years ago when I was five.

My mum was part of the adult group and I always used to ask her questions about what she had learnt and asked her to teach me.

Mum suggested I joined Badgers because I was so interested.

On my first day, I was really nervous but excited to start and eager to get my uniform on. The Badger leaders were very kind and helpful and I settled in well. I was interested to learn first aid but I found you also learn lots of other things in Badgers, like, arts and crafts, sports, healthy eating, helping the environment and working in the community.

Last year my brother Daniel entered the Badger of the Year competition and won the deputy position for Wales. It was great to see all the exciting things he got to do throughout the year and he encouraged me to enter.

First I had to make a scrapbook all about me, showing what I like to do in my life. Then I went to the regional competitions where I had a pretend scenario to clean and dress a burn. From there, I went to the national competition, where I had to treat and dress a wound and apply a sling.

We also played games and I had an interview showing my scrapbook. I really enjoyed the competition because I got to meet new people from different Divisions and made new friends.

I couldn’t believe that I won the competition, I was very shocked!


I really do love being part of St John Cymru. I am looking forward to working towards earning the Super Badger Award and then moving onto Cadets. I hope that one day I can become a Badger Leader so I can encourage young people to have the same great experience that I have had – that I’m still having and teach them lifesaving skills.

I’m excited to see what the next year will bring as Badger of the Year 2019!

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Published March 6th 2019

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