Quick-thinking father saves choking daughter

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A teenager from Pontypridd was saved from choking thanks to the sharp reactions of her dad.

At a family lunch in a Cardiff pub, Daniel Stone, 39, was alarmed when his daughter, Paighton George, 13, suddenly stopped eating.

“Everything seemed normal and we were all enjoying our meals when Paighton had this vacant look on her face which I had never seen before.

At first we just thought her food was too hot so we kept telling her to spit it out.

We then asked her if she was choking and when she couldn’t answer us, we realised it was something much more serious.”
Paighton's father, Daniel Stone


Recognising the severity of the situation, Daniel, who's first aid trained, leapt into action and gave Paighton five sharp back blows in an attempt to clear the blockage.

When this didn’t help, Daniel realised he needed to take further action quickly.

“I knew I had to try and get Paighton breathing again so I started abdominal thrusts."


After the second thrust, Daniel managed to force out the obstruction and Paighton started breathing again.

He and his wife Claire, 36, took Paighton to hospital where much to their relief, she was given the all clear.

The trio regularly attend St John Ambulance Cymru in Aberdare, where they learned their first aid skills.

Daniel, who works with Openreach, credits his rapid response to his first aid training.

“We were really worried. If we hadn’t had our first aid training I dread to think what would have happened.”


More help and advice on dealing with choking can be found in our first aid pages.

Published August 27th 2020

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