Young Achievers Recognised at Royal Reception

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Badgers, Cadets and young people from St John Cymru were recognised for their outstanding achievements on Wednesday 13th November, at a reception held at Priory Church in London.

In total, 14 young people from our charity were recognised for their achievements at the reception hosted by HRH Princess Anne.

Among those who attended the Young Achievers Reception were 17-year-old St John Cymru Cadet of the Year, Rhiannon Svenson, Badger of the Year, Amy Jones.

County Cadets of the Year were also in attendance and, due to their overwhelming achievements, Cadets have been instrumental in creating a St John Cymru Young People’s Committee.

The Young People’s Committee is formed of young people aged between 11-18 who guide the Trustee board and make important decisions on behalf of youth volunteers in St John Cymru.

“I was honoured to visit Priory Church in London and meet HRH Princess Anne. The opportunity was truly unforgettable and I can’t thank St John Cymru enough.”

St John Cymru Newport Cadet and Welsh Youth Parliament member, Maisy Evans

"Young achievers really highlighted to both myself and my fellow Cadets exactly how important and valued our work is as part of the St John community.

It was a great opportunity to meet up with Cadets from across the UK in a setting where we could all see the heritage of the organisation and create memories and positive experiences which we will all treasure for many years to come."

St John Cymru National Cadet of The Year, Rhiannon Svenson

"We’re extremely proud of all our young people who are so dedicated and have a real passion for helping others.

Our youth volunteers are incredibly invested in making the opportunities and experiences of young people equal and consistent across Wales.

We’re really excited our Cadets were invited to take part in this unique opportunity and we hope it inspires them to continue to work towards making a difference and setting an example to young people in St John Cymru and in their local communities.”

St John Cymru Acting Chief Executive Officer, Helen Smith


Full list of attendees included:

National Cadet of the Year – Rhiannon Svenson

Deputy National Cadet of the Year – Tarig Sharaiha

National Badger of the Year – Amy Jones

County Cadets of the Year:

Grace Jacobs

Rachel Cunningham

Joel Silbor

Rachel O’Connell

Daniel Smith

Abigail Hier

Matthew Watkins

National First Aid Competition Winners:

Jessica Davies

Katie Phillips

Young People’s Committee Member:

Tyrr Evans

Welsh Youth Parliament Member:

Maisy Evans

Photos of the event available here


Published November 18th 2019

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