Defibruary free demonstration being held by a trainer

Defibrillator Awareness Resources

According to the Resuscitation Council UK for every minute that someone’s in cardiac arrest without receiving CPR and having a defibrillator used on them, their chance of survival decreases by 10%. This is one of the reasons that St John Ambulance Cymru, the first aid charity for Wales, has committed to ensuring that people across Wales know how to use the lifesaving equipment.

St John Ambulance Cymru has committed to ensuring that people across Wales are equipped with the knowledge and the confidence to use a defibrillator if necessary. That's why this February we are encouraging you to sign up for an in-person free defibrillator training session. You can do this by emailing our Community Training Team. You can also contact your local St John Ambulance Cymru Volunteer Division.

A cardiac arrest, is when the heart stops beating suddenly. The lack of blood flow to the brain and other organs can cause a person to lose consciousness, become disabled, or even die if not treated immediately. 

Darren Murray, Head of Community Operations, explains,

Statistics show that 80% of cardiac arrests happen at home. Statistically, you are more likely to have to carry out CPR on a family member than on a stranger, so Defibruary is the perfect opportunity to learn skills that could mean the difference between life and death for someone you love.

As Wales’s leading first aid charity we are committed to breaking down the stigma surrounding defibrillators, and helping people become more confident to use one in an emergency.

Become a defibrillator expert with our first aid training courses

If you want to become even more confident when it comes to using an AED and enjoy hands-on practice with an expert instructor, then we encourage you to join one of our face-to-face first aid training courses which we hold regularly across Wales. 

Consider joining our 3-day First Aid at Work course, where you'll not only develop the confidence to act swiftly and effectively with a defibrillator but also officially qualify as a first aider for your workplace upon completion. Our 1-day Emergency First Aid at Work course also teaches you how to use a defibrillator and other essential first aid skills to offer urgent lifesaving support. You'll receive a nationally recognised certificate valid for 3 years after you complete one of these courses.

Profits from the sale of our training helps to fund our charitable work, including community and schools’ first aid training, teaching children and young people the skills they need to save a life.

Looking for other ways to get involved?

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