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St John Ambulance Cymru is your premier destination for comprehensive first aid courses. Trusted by Welsh businesses and the public, we are proud to deliver first aid courses tailored to suit diverse workplaces across Wales.

When it comes to selecting a training provider for your first aid courses, we are a great choice. In the UK, St John Ambulance is one of the voluntary aid societies (VAS) who are recognised by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) as standard setters for first aid training in accordance with the Health and Safety (First Aid) regulations 1981. This distinction means that unlike other training providers, we don't require external accreditation through an Awarding Organisation. All courses come with a nationally-recnognised first aid certification

Embark on your workplace first aid training journey with St John Ambulance Cymru today. Learn how to assist your colleagues in a medical emergency or if they are suffering from an injury. Our dedicated Workplace Training Team is ready to assist you in identifying the right course and facilitating the booking process. You can contact them through the buttons below. 

Explore our full suite of first aid courses to meet your specific needs. As well as courses relating to adult first aid, we also offer a number of paediatric first aid courses. Alongside qualified workplace first aider training, we also offer first aid courses designed to give as many employees as possible knowledge of the lifesaving skill to help in a life or death emergency. On successful completion of one of our first aid training courses a person will receive a first aid certification valid for 3 years.

If you are wondering whether St John Ambulance Cymru teaches first aid courses near me, then the answer is yes. We have training centres across Wales where we provide training. If six or more delegates need to attend one of our first aid courses, then we can bring the training to you.

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Emergency First Aid at Work

This course is ideal for your nominated first aider in a low-risk environment. This course is a cost-effective solution for companies that need basic support for their workforce.

First Aid at Work 3 Day Course

This training will equip your staff with the knowledge and skills to deal with emergencies and give them the confidence to perform a variety of first aid procedures.

First Aid at Work Requalification

This 2-day training course is only available to those with a valid First Aid at Work certificate.

First Aid at Work Requalification - Blended

Our 2-day training course is only available to those with a valid First Aid at Work certificate. This course takes place online and face-to-face.

First Aid At Work Update

Research shows that 'skills fade' is a significant issue for workplace first aiders. The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) strongly recommends that first-aiders undertake annual refresher training during any three-year certification period.

Airway Management & Oxygen Therapy Module

Oxygen therapy is up to 6 times more likely to save someone’s life than mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. This course is for people with a valid First Aid at Work certificate who may need to administer Oxygen

Anaphylaxis - Epipen Auto Injector

Allergic reactions can happen to anyone at any time and can be fatal without treatment. The Auto Injector (Epi-pen) course can be delivered as a standalone course or in conjunction with another First Aid course as a bolt-on module.

Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

Every second counts when cardiac arrest strikes therefore we strongly recommend AED training. Defibrillators are specifically designed to be used by anyone and everyone, so no previous first aid experience is required.

Basic First Aid

This 1/2-day course is perfect for people looking for a general introduction to first aid. Not only will we teach you the most common illnesses and injuries suffered by adults, but for group bookings we can also tailor the course to meet your first aid needs.

Catastrophic Bleeding & Tourniquets

This 1-hour catastrophic bleeding training course provides all the information necessary to stop a severe and uncontrolled bleeding episode, and to apply a tourniquet or haemostatic dressings

CPR Training

This 2-hour training course will teach how to give lifesaving CPR first aid to an an unresponsive casualty in an emergency situation.

Emergency Paediatric First Aid

This 1-day course focuses on the most common childhood illnesses and injuries that may face those looking after babies and young children.

First Aid for Farmers

Agriculture has one of the worst fatal accident and occupational ill-health records of any major employment sector. This first aid course was created specifically for farmers that deal with the most common types of injuries that occur in the agriculture sector.

Medical Gases : Oxygen & Entonox

This 6-hour training course will teach delegates the correct practice to facilitate the administration of medical gases

Menopause Awareness

This 3-hour awareness course is for anyone who wants to better understand the menopause, its impact on the workplace, and to gain knowledge about how to support colleagues who may be going through it.

Menopause Awareness Virtual Course

Reduce stigma surrounding the menopause in the workplace and support colleagues experiencing it with a course that can be taken anywhere that has a stable internet connection.

Outdoor First Aid Course

An engaging course where you'll gain the knowledge and practical skills needed to respond effectively to injuries and emergencies in the great outdoors that can happen in the great outdoors.

Paediatric First Aid

This 2-day course focuses on emergency scenarios that could face those looking after young children and infants.

Paediatric First Aid Blended

A one-day online module with a dynamic day in the classroom for practical skill application.

Schools First Aid

This short course teaches delegates how to treat some of the most common childhood injuries promptly and effectively.

Sports First Aid

Sprains, fractures, cuts and grazes are all part of the rough and tumble of sports. We've designed our course to teach you all the basics of first aid as well as how to treat some of the most common sporting injuries.

We also provide free community and school training. If this is something you would be interested in, then click the below link.

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If you have a group of people to train and would like a course designed specifically for your staff, call us on 03456785646 to discuss.

Suggested Courses

Practicing using a fire extinguisher

Fire Marshal

About our Fire Marshal training course Our 1/2 day Fire Marshal Training is approved by the Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE) and teaches attendees the fire safety skills needed to be a qualified and competent workplace fire marshal. Protect your staff and business from the devastation caused by fire. You will learn about the implications of a fire in your workplace and basic fire safety awareness. After completing this fire marshal course, you will also learn evacuation procedures, how to run fire drills, and raising the alarm.

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first aid at work requalification is one of the first aid courses we offer

First Aid at Work Requalification

About our First Aid at Work Requalification Course Our first aid at work requalification course is only available to who have successfully completed the full 3 day qualification within the last three years. To remain qualified delegates should complete this 2 day course before their current certificate expires. As part of our customer care programme we will contact you when this is due to ensure that you remain compliant. Ensure you remain qualified as a workplace first aider  so that you can continue to provide basic life support in an emergency situation. Did you know? We also provide this course via blended learning, which consists of 1 day of e-learning, and 1 day in the classroom for practical work and assessment.

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we offer first aid requalification training in blended format as one of our first aid courses

First Aid at Work Requalification - Blended

About Our First Aid at Work Requalification - Blended Course Our St John Ambulance Cymru (SJAC) First Aid at Work Requalification - Blended 2-day training course is perfect if the time has come to renew your valid First Aid at Work 3 year certficiate but you need the added flexibility to suit your timing needs. As part of our customer care programme we will contact you when this is due to ensure you remain compliant. This course takes place over two days and has two parts: Day 1 - Online - (can be completed up to 6 weeks before the below). Day 2 - Face-to-face - where you'll be assessed on your knowledge of the online course and the content learned on this day.

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An anxious woman discussing her mental health with a mental health first aider

Mental Health First Aid (Adult)

About our Mental Health First Aid course Our two-day mental health first aid course will enable you to become a qualified workplace mental health first aider. Learn to spot signs of what could be a common mental health problem, as well as symptoms associated with substance abuse. The training examines the impact of mental ill health issues for adults. This includes stigma and discrimination, and provides resources and tools to help. A delegate who joins this course will learn the practical skills needed to support someone experiencing a mental health crisis as a primary responder and contribute to an improvement in their wellbeing. Our training is licensed by Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Wales. Did you know? We also offer this as a partly online course. This consists of a number of e-learning modules and 2 live webinars with one of our trainers. 

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