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The Cadet Legacy of Asghar Iqbal

Asghar Iqbal from Cardiff looks back on his memories with the St John Ambulance Cymru Cadets fondly. He is still a volunteer with the Roath Division and has worked as a Paramedic on the front line, in primary care and on cruise ships.

Asghar has so many memories from his time with the Cadets, from attending conferences and competitions, volunteering at key events in the community and even representing St John Ambulance Cymru at Royal engagements. Asghar says that his experience as a Cadet instilled both confidence and character in him at a young age.

“The Cadets gave me knowledge and passion for helping people in times of need and crisis” he says.

“My youth leaders were a second family to me, they always wanted the best for me and saw some sort of potential in me. It made me a more confident person, with a sense of respect and values for myself and others.”

Asghar recalls some of his favourite times as a Cadet; “attending my first youth conference with St John was a great memory” he says he loved, “meeting people from all over Wales and coming together to fine tune our life skills” as well as attending Cadet leadership and training courses. Asghar says that representing St John Ambulance Cymru at the investitures and parades were also extremely special moments.

Asghar still volunteers today and has now been a member for over 20 years. “I still love meeting new people and learning new skills, even as a paramedic” he says. He likes “giving back” to the organisation that means so much to him, by volunteering at events and training the higher skilled volunteers.

Asghar says joining St John Ambulance Cymru is a “no brainer,” “the charity is going through a really exciting time and it’s only going to get better with bigger opportunities to come our way, and it all starts with our youth!”


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