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The Cadet Legacy of Elis-Llyr Treharne

Elis-Llyr Treharne, from Swansea, is now a student nurse and has his days as a St John Ambulance Cymru Cadet to thank for pursuing his dream career in healthcare.

As a Cadet, Elis-Llyr enjoyed that there was always something to work towards and challenge him. He says that the skills and experiences he got from his time as a St John Ambulance Cymru Cadet has given him the ambition to pursue a career in healthcare, inspiring him to lead a “meaningful career in nursing.”

He recalls both the county and the national events he attended as a Cadet; “I met so many friends at events, competitions and conferences. The connections and friendships I made are fantastic.”

“You make friends from across the whole of Wales”  he says.

Elis-Llyr still volunteers for St John Ambulance Cymru today. “There is a community of so many likeminded individuals in the organisation, from all walks of life.”

He is currently a first aid trainer for Swansea county as well as the Deputy Divisional Officer in Charge for Swansea LINKS Division. “I love it,”  he says,

Being out and making a difference in the community is what it’s all about. I really do value the experiences I have had as part of the Cadets. 

I have pushed myself and was supported to do what I would have otherwise thought was impossible. I have grown so much and will always look back fondly of my time with my friends at Cadets, doing what I love to do.

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