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The Cadet Legacy of Trinity Lloyd Williams

Trinity Lloyd Williams was a Cadet with St John Ambulance Cymru for many years before joining as an adult volunteer. She thanks the Cadets for giving her so much more confidence and helping her in her journey to become a paramedic.

Trinity joined the Cadets as she wanted to meet new people with similar interests and learn first aid skills. She instantly enjoyed meeting fellow Cadets and taking part in lots of activities.

She recalls her first time touring an ambulance and learning about all the different things that were inside.

During my time as a Cadet, I was very set on becoming a paramedic and to this day I still have the same aspirations in life. This is because I have been supported by so many amazing people in St John Ambulance Cymru” Trinity says.


Trinity is thankful for the Cadets and how much it improved her confidence, “being a Cadet for many years gave me more confidence in myself and my abilities. I am now able to make new friends with ease and I’m more confident when meeting new people” she says. This has helped her as she has progressed through her education and in her day-to-day life.

She loved attending events as a Cadet and continues to volunteer for St John Ambulance Cymru now. Trinity claims the people she has met along the way have helped her to expand her skillset.

“The support I have received from other members in St John Ambulance Cymru has made me more passionate about what I do and the help I give to those in need” she says.


The culture within St John Ambulance Cymru is extremely caring and there is always someone to help Trinity when she is stuck or needs a helping hand. “The amount of support I am given during training sessions and when providing first aid cover at events, has made me much more confident to ask questions when needed,” she says, “I don’t feel bad if I don’t know something because other members are more than happy to help me out and give me more information or assistance without judging me.”

Trinity is now a student at Coleg Menai in Bangor and is working hard to pursue her dreams in paramedicine.


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