The Cadet Legacy of Celyn-Mai

Celyn-Mai Clement from Carmarthenshire works as a Community Trainer for St John Ambulance Cymru and met some life-long friends during her time as a Cadet.

“I enjoyed all the opportunities that I was presented with as part of the Cadets, this includes completing my Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award and achieving my Grand Prior Award” Celyn says. During her time with the Cadets, she also developed her personal goals, “I loved learning first aid, but the Cadets was about more than just this.”

“I met some amazing people and made life-long friendships.”


Not only did the Cadets programme help Celyn-Mai on a personal level, but it also gave her professional skills she carried through to her adult life.

“It developed my confidence and allowed me to improve my public speaking through recruitment events, as well as being out and about in the community. It also increased my presentation and problem-solving skills” she says.

The various challenges you face throughout the Cadet programme are not only fun and exciting, but they also prepare you for whatever career you choose to pursue. The skills Celyn-Mai learnt have had real value in her current role as a Community Trainer.

Celyn-Mai recalls her favourite memories with the Cadets; “the Cadet conference, the leader courses, achieving lead Cadet, receiving my service shield and 200 hours stars, as well as competing my Bronze, Silver and Gold Duke of Edinburgh”, the list goes on, “there are many more” Celyn-Mai says, “but we would be here all day!”

Celyn-Mai still volunteers for St John Ambulance Cymru today and has done so for the last 8 years. She loves being a first aider and all the great opportunities the role brings with it, like attending exciting rugby games and concerts with St John Ambulance Cymru. “I work with some really great people who make volunteering even more enjoyable” she says.


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