First aid is for everyone

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The potential for needing the assistance of a first aider doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you’re from, what colour your skin is or how much you earn, you could one day need vital first aid.

Working as part of St John Cymru, you quickly learn just how incredible our volunteers, the general public and particularly children, can be in an emergency situation - especially after they have learned vital first aid skills.

11-year-old Milly Roberts is a perfect example.

Whilst out walking with her family near Nant Hill North Wales in warm temperatures, Milly’s uncle suddenly felt unwell and collapsed.

Milly placed her uncle in the recovery position and opened his airway - giving her uncle precious time until more help could be given.

With poor mobile phone signal, Milly ran to a nearby house while her mum, Katy, stayed with her uncle until the ambulance crew arrived.

Just five days earlier, Milly had received first aid training at her school provided by us as part of the school’s ‘Wellbeing Week’. Amongst other vital skills, Milly learned how to help an unresponsive casualty and it was this particular skill which saved her uncles life.

Milly’s experience highlights just how important teaching vital first aid skills can help anyone at any time.  Milly is proof that first aid really is for everyone.

The skills she learned that day in school will stay with her for years to come.

If you are feeling inspired by the quick-thinking and bravery of Milly or you want to refresh your knowledge, you can get involved and become a lifesaver this summer.

Join our fantastic volunteers and community leaders on one of your local St John Cymru first aid courses where you’ll not only gain vital first aid skills, you’ll also become more confident in dealing with a potentially life-threatening situation - just like Milly.

Better yet, you may even make a friend or two too!

Published July 13th 2018

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