Become a St John Ambulance Cymru Badger

Are you aged between 5-11 years old? Looking for a fun way to make friends?
Head along to one of our Badger setts and become a super St John Ambulance Cymru Badger!

Join Us

What you will learn?

Learn first aid
Go on adventures
Be healthy and active
Make new friends
Become more confident
Become a helper in your group
Take part in activities like arts and crafts, competitions, and camps
Earn badges through our Super Badger Programme
Have fun!

Learn something new

Badgers follow a diverse and engaging programme and can take part in lots of different activities and experiences  

They discover and grow through our Super Badger Programme. This involves lots of exciting and hands on age-appropriate activities and adventures.  

Badgers work towards their Super Badger Award, choose from 15 subjects, where they can learn about everything from making their own ice cream, the human body, recycling, keeping safe and first aid. They can build and learn new skills and new experiences and become a young leader. 

There are five stage awards Badgers can earn. Earning these awards shows commitment and lets Badgers work towards something they can be proud of.   



Our leaders

Badgers are supported by highly trained, inspirational leaders to explore, challenge themselves and have fun. This is a volunteer role which means our leaders are extra special and really care about making a real difference to our Badgers.

Moving on 

When a Badger is approaching their 10th birthday, they will start their transfer towards becoming a Cadet. There is so much on offer for Cadets and the opportunities and experiences on offer will really help shape children into independent and confident individuals. Badgers are fully supported on this transfer period if this is something they really want to do. Remember, it's their choice.

Want to find it more about becoming a Cadet click here.   


Looking for other ways to get involved?

Whatever you enjoy doing and however much time you can commit, there’s a volunteer role for you.

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