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St John Ambulance Cymru is the go-to destination for many of the companies and individuals in Wales seeking top-notch health and safety courses every year. Our extensive portfolio is tailored to equip you with the essential skills needed for a secure workplace. Let us guide you in reducing risks and fostering a happier, healthier, and safer work environment.

When it comes to selecting a training provider for your workplace health and safety courses, we are a great choice. In the UK, St John Ambulance is one of the voluntary aid societies (VAS) who are recognised by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) as standard setters for first aid training in accordance with the Health and Safety (First Aid) regulations 1981. We don't require external accreditation through an Awarding Organisation.

Embark on your health and safety training journey with St John Ambulance Cymru today. Our dedicated Commercial Training Team is ready to assist you in identifying the right course and facilitating the booking process, all while delivering excellent customer service. Contact them at 0345 678 5646 or send an email and they will get back to you as soon as possiblevia email for prompt assistance.

We can help you ensure that your workplace meets all mandated health and safety regulations and adheres to HSE standards through our comprehensive list of H&S courses. We offer a wide range of health and safety training, ranging from fire safety training and occupational health and safety to manual handling training. We are also licensed to teach IOSH courses. Explore our course list below.

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Fire Marshal

Our Fire Marshal Training is a 1/2 day course and approved by the Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE). We will teach you the implications of a fire in your workplace, basic fire safety awareness, as well as how you can protect your staff and business from the devastation caused by fire.

Food Safety Level 2

It is a legal requirement that food handlers within any business are trained to maintain a hygienic work environment where food is stored, prepared, handled and served. Our 1-day course embeds the importance of food safety and ensures that staff maintain the highest level of cleanliness in your workplace.

Health & Safety Awareness

This course teaches employees from any sector the principles of working in a safe environment.

Infection Control

Around 15,000 deaths and many serious illnesses are the result of infections. This short course will demonstrate how you should effectively prevent and treat the most common infections within the workplace.

IOSH Managing Safely

As an employer you are responsible for the health and safety of your staff, as well as providing a safe working environment. Our course emphasises the legal responsibilities and brings home why health and safety is an essential part of their role as a manager or supervisor.

IOSH Managing Safely Refresher

This 1-day course refreshes a candidate’s knowledge of the IOSH Managing Safely course. The IOSH Managing Safely course provides your supervisors and managers with the knowledge and skills they need to action and manage the health and safety requirements within their teams and departments.

IOSH Working Safely

This is a 1-day introductory health and safety course focussed on enabling learners to understand their health and safety responsibilities and how their individual and collective actions contribute to health and safety in their workplace.

Manual Handling Objects

Providing your workforce with manual handling training helps to highlight the dangers that poor manual handling poses, reduces work-related back injuries and minimises absenteeism.

Manual Handling People

This course follows the All Wales NHS Manual Handling Training Passport & Information Scheme and teaches students how to move people at minimal risk to both patients and themselves.

Sharps Training

The dangers of drugs affect everybody. Used syringes and other drug-related waste are found in a variety of places, including commercial premises, schools, hospitals and pubs.

We also provide free community and school training. If this is something you would be interested in, then click the below link.

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If you have a group of people to train and would like a course designed specifically for your staff, call us on 03456785646 to discuss.

Suggested Courses

Practicing using a fire extinguisher

Fire Marshal

About our Fire Marshal training Our 1/2 day Fire Marshal Training is approved by the Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE) and teaches delegates the skills needed to be a qualified and competent workplace fire marshal. Protect your staff and business from the devastation caused by fire. You will learn about the implications of a fire in your workplace and basic fire safety awareness. After completing this course, you will also learn evacuation procedures, how to run fire drills, and raising the alarm. 

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Reviewing first aid knowledge with the First Aid Guide Manual

First Aid at Work Requalification

About our First Aid at Work Requalification Course Our 2-day first aid at work requalification course is only available to who have successfully completed a full 3-day qualification within the last three years. To remain qualified delegates should complete this requalification course before their current certificate expires. As part of our customer care programme we will contact you when this is due to ensure that you remain compliant. Did you know? We also offer this course as a 'Blended' course, which consists of 1 day of e-learning, and 1 day in the classroom for practical work and assessment. 

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Practicing CPR on a dummy

First Aid at Work Requalification - Blended

About Our First Aid at Work Requalification - Blended Course Our St John Ambulance Cymru (SJAC) First Aid at Work Requalification - Blended 2-day training course is perfect if the time has come to renew your valid First Aid at Work 3 year certficiate but you need the added flexibility to suit your timing needs. As part of our customer care programme we will contact you when this is due to ensure you remain compliant. This course takes place over two days and has two parts: Day 1 - Online - (can be completed up to 6 weeks before the below). Day 2 - Face-to-face - where you'll be assessed on your knowledge of the online course and the content learned on this day.

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An anxious woman discussing her mental health with a mental health first aider

Mental Health First Aid (Adult)

About our Mental Health First Aid course Our two-day Mental Health First Aid course will enable you to become a qualified workplace mental health first aider. Learn to spot signs of mental health problems and substance abuse. The course examines the impact of mental ill health issues for adults. This includes stigma and discrimination, and provides resources and tools to help. The training is licensed by Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Wales. Did you know? We also offer this as a partly online course. This consists of a number of e-learning modules and 2 live webinars with one of our trainers. 

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